Rather than give you the standard Milk round speech, we work hard to find outstanding
, rather than just who’s available for work. If you’ve found this page then clearly
you’ve thought about the idea of an exciting career in SEO.

We want it to be the kind of place where you enjoy working as we work hard on results both in terms of growing as a sustainable company and also creating a culture where we work with people we like and not just for the pennies!

The industry as a whole is interesting and there is lots of statistics you can find on the internet that the UK market is worth over £436 million in 2010 and is set to grow. The search market in the U.S is worth $18 billion (yes we have friends all over the world, we’re a popular bunch!).

it’s a peer educated industry
If you’re looking to get a pay rise by doing an MBA then SEO might not be the right industry for you, some of the highest paid people in the industry are the most experienced.
we interview our competitors
yes that’s right Richard Baxter from SEO Gadget (who does awesome keyword research blog posts). Will Crichlow from Distilled who are the SEO firm of choice for SEOmoz. We do this because ultimately we all learn from each other, and great content costs time.
It’s hard to recruit people
SEO people are among the hardest people to recruit in the industry and according to Salt Recruitment some of the least likely to jump ship every 6 months for a better pay packet despite being well known.
the most attractive
SEO people are seen as the most attractive people by the opposite sex (ok so I made that one up).

Rather than write a lengthy job spec, here are the
core attributes we think you need to make it in SEO.

  • Positive attitude (no grumps in our office)
  • Passion for the web (do you blog, tweet, use facebook?)
  • Persistence (yes link building can be tedious at times, are you persistent enough to not give up at the second or third hurdle)
  • Innovation, do you get frustrated about a better way to do something in SEO and can’t find the tool to get the job done more efficiently. If you have the skills create it yourself (we love techies who can code).
  • Loyalty, we thought we’d include this one as there are no shortage of SEO jobs but we want people who want to be here for the long term rather than just any SEO job.
  • A challenge, we’re a small but growing company. If you think you can hit the ground running and want an environment where you’re measured on results rather than clocking in and out at the same time each day then you’ll fit right in.
  • Are you already doing it? Think about how you could spend your time if you had little to no experience. You could start a blog, learn about what on-page optimization is and start to learn link building and in a little over 3 months have a site that ranks in the search engines for relevant keywords.