Here at ClimbDigital our remit is to offer our clients the maximum number of options so that they may be sure that what they get is what they need. We offer our clients both static websites and CMS websites (a Content Management System would run on a platform such as WordPress). Which option the client chooses depends on their needs and how much time they want to spend updating their website.


To make the decision easier here is a comparison of the two styles:


html5-logoWe would build you a static website from scratch using our own html and css coding. This is all done in-house by our experienced web designers. Once the site is complete and has been hosted (we have someone we recommend for this too!) any future changes will need to be made by ourselves, unless of course you are a code whizz. We are guessing that if you have that level of CSS and HTML knowledge that you probably would have chosen to build your own website though.

If you don’t plan on regularly updating the information on the website then this is perhaps the option for you. Hosting is cheaper for static websites and we are able to put together a static website for you quicker, making it cheaper to build yet we do charge a small and pre-agreed amount for updating the website.


There are many excellent content management systems out there that are free to use. Some of our favourites include WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, although there are more. The way that these differ from a static site is that you upload or add your information onto a pre-made platform and the information is saved and stored into a database. CMS systems are extremely versatile and templates are simple to alter to suit your needs.

For someone who wants their website to have more features and include a blog or indeed anything else that will need updating regularly then a CMS system is what is required as you will be able to add and remove information yourself with little or no coding experience and knowledge.



The static website option is perfect for someone who rarely updates their website and is happy to pay us a pre-arranged amount to change anything as and when required.

The CMS option is for those wanting a website packed with features that they are able to update themselves.

Those choosing the static option do so for peace of mind and also because due to the way that the way the website is built, it is usually cheaper to have us put together a static website.


If you aren’t sure which option is best for you then get in touch and we will discuss your needs and help you decide what works best according to what your website if for, how much you wish to pay and how much time you have or want to spend on maintaining it. We are happy to offer you a no-obligation quotation based on your individual needs.

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