Think SEO is a dark art? It’s not!
It just requires a very special bunch of strategists and very motivated doers!

Once we’ve figured out where the best home for your keywords are on your website we start to look at the content on your website itself. Some websites are like classic homes they rocked it in the 60’s and 70’s but now they have new people living there and need a lick of paint and some TLC.

Because we got bored of viewing PDF’s from people who sent them to us we decided that as we’re born in the 80’s that we’d like to watch videos to show our new clients how best to change their websites to make them more like homes and less like bus stops that you never really stay at for long.

In our motion pictures we started to show clients that users were looking for more than a great novel on their websites’ and wanted the design that they trusted and wasn’t cluttered with tons of adverts. We also showed them that users wanted to see images and text styles to break up paragraphs and guide them to what they wanted to read in these information cluttered times.

Our SEO strategists start by wandering the land for your keywords, and knocking the doors of people using these words on everyday to see if they will search these when they are sitting on their comfy sofa in front of their desktop or on the move with their iPad.Once they’ve discovered which keywords you look for they have a sifting process for making sure these are keywords that the people we spoke with are looking for when they decide they want to buy from you that way we can hand these over to our on-page people who start to work these keywords in to the threads of your website.

Finally we showed our clients that it is never quite finished, which they didn’t like of course as it costs them more
money but we told them that we’d be there to help them attract other websites to link to them and also do a lot of
the work for them each month to help the search engines know that our clients deserve to rank near the top and
maybe one day…

number one!

If you would like to find out
more about our people feel free
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