www.crunch.co.uk are an online accounting
company competing in the accounting
software market for contractors.When Crunch first approached us they were
using an existing SEO agency’ however they
were less than happy with the results
being achieved.

The back-links were generated from a few sources, and as search engines prefer a diversity of link sources this wasn’t the most effective strategy. Also certain pages such as their tagged pages were ranking for important keywords and users weren’t visiting the relevant landing pages leading to a less than satisfactory user experience.

We made changes to their on page optimisation to give relevancy for their keywords that were a priority. We also increased the diversity of link types with in content links that are more contextually relevant. We took keywords that weren’t in the top 20 and increased their rankings in Google.co.uk to top 10 positions.
www.crunch.co.uk needed an increase in search engine traffic and a better understanding of keywords needed to drive this traffic. We researched new keywords that Crunch weren’t currently optimised. We then created a link building strategy to target the new keywords for relevant pages on their website.
Crunch have a sales process where users visit their website and try a free one month trial. By focusing on their new keywords we increased their conversion rate of nonbrand keywords by 100%, and increased their number of free trials by 10%. This increased their recurring monthly revenue from renewals to grow their business. In three months we achieved a 28% uplift in non-branded traffic from natural search.
I’ve been delighted to work with Mark who has helped
raise our company visibility to the extent that our leads
from SEO have doubled inside 3 months. Climb Digital
are responsive and very easy to work with, actioning
requests in very good time and suggesting appropriate
modification when applicable.”Tim O’donohughe
Online marketing manager
Crunch is continuing to grow as a business, with natural search
remaining a key part to their acquisition of new customers. As
they explore new markets, Climb Digital are helping them
optimise their content across the search engines to ensure
interested prospects can find their content.
Find out how you could improve your
natural search results and gain more leads
and sales like Crunch.