Reputation management has many different definitions. At Climb Digital we refer to reputation
management within search engine optimization for both the repair of existing negative listings,
and also the ongoing prevention of it happening in the future through creating web properties
created by us and owned by you.


Evaluate which keywords people are typing in,
and any negative related keywords.

content creation

Content creation, seeding of content, and
reporting on a monthly basis to show improved
positive results.

The competition

We Check your competition for affected keywords to evaluate time and resource needed to repair the reputation problem.


After your project is completed, we advise on how you can keep your positive reputation by updating content on your web properties.

If you’re not managing your online reputation on the search engines
then someone else is contributing to what people think of your
personal or company brand.

In business or even in your personal life people are moving towards
researching background checks of people they do business with. A
company that we worked with revealed a related search that had
negative effect on the perception of their company and could affect
their share price and buy in from future employees thinking of joining
the company. For this company they had two problems, the first the
existing negative comments left on Google and the second that they
had no ownership of their social media profiles containing their brand
Future prevention as well as repair

When we embark on a reputation management project we look to
create a positive view of the individual or company we’re working with.
To do this we need to ensure content is seeded in the right places and
that the content appears for searches on the company along with key

And finally…

If your’re not sure if you need reputation management then feel free to
give us a call or enter your details below and one of our friendly
climbers will be in touch.