Many of our clients have decided to run their own retail business and have come to us looking for a website that will incorporate an ecommerce facility. What we use most and highly recommend is Prestashop.


Prestashop is a free to use and set up e-commerce facility that allows business owners to fully customise and run the retail end of their business. We highly recommend this platform due to its versatility, the vast number of templates and add-ons that are available and of course, because it is free.

We like free tools such as these as they enable us to put together websites for you that cost less. We all have to earn a living, even us lowly web designers and SEO people however we don’t see how charging people over the odds for a service will help anyone in the long run. Hugely inflated website-building costs certainly don’t encourage clients to return to us for future projects (which they often do) therefore we like anything that allows us to pass on savings to those who keep us in business, namely you!

For those who have a number of products to sell and need help with product descriptions, we have an in-house content writer who is happy to help. For those who need support with building and integrating this fabulous ecommerce tool into their website then we are able to offer support with this too.

There are many online stores selling a vast range of products and items. Prestashop enables you to best showcase your items and we are best placed to make sure that others see your store.


Prestashop comes with on-going support, is fully customised in order to suit your business identity, branding and to encourage customers to buy. We are able to use our SEO magic to catapult your shop through the rankings, making it more visible and easier for customers to find you and are also able to recommend places for you to point your customers to should they wish to leave product reviews and feedback (this is very important in terms of marketing and advertising).

If you are unsure about which ecommerce option is for you, how this type of option works and what services we offer alongside then get in touch for a no-obligation quotation.

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