At Climb Digital we see our pay per click
management as a way of delivering targeted
traffic to your businesses website and making
sure that we’re able to integrate it into your
overall search marketing strategy.

Quality score, ad groups, day parting…. Not sure what
these terms mean? We will help to guide you through
creating a campaign that will be effective in reaching
your goals.

If it’s your first time trying pay per click advertising then we can
help you get up and running by defining your keyword strategy
from day one. We research keywords that are relevant to your
products and services and group these keywords into tightly
themed ad groups to ensure the content in your adverts match
the keyword the user has typed in to the search engine. This
ensures that the quality and relevance of your campaign as a
whole is organised and structured efficiently from the start.

Have you set up your account yourself and maybe haven’t had
the time to give it the love it deserves.

We can take an existing account and analyse your ad group
structure and make sure you don’t have too many keywords per
ad group and that your adverts are relevant to your keywords.

Already have an account and using another agency?

If you’ve used another agency in the past and want to join the
climb family, we’ll take a look at the work already done and see
where we can add value by doing a campaign review.

Once we’ve completed a review in which we may identify some
of the following problems we’ve identified with past clients:

  • Are there any gaps of keywords you could be
    targeting that are relevant to your specific ad groups
    that need to be added?
  • Are your keywords on the correct match type broad,
    phrase and exact for the type of keyword brand,
    generic, long tail?
  • Do you need to add any negative keywords to ensure
    your adverts aren’t being shown for irrelevant
    keyword searches?

We believe that the key to successful pay per click is constant
testing and refinement and whatever stage you are in the
process we will review each account on a case-by-case basis to

Fact Finding

At Climb Digital we know our business so we’d like to
find out more about yours! This may include finding

  • Who are your immediate competitors?
  • What products or services do you offer?
  • Which regions are you looking to target?
  • What are your USP’s?
  • Do you offer competitive pricing?
  • Do you have free or same day delivery?
  • Do you offer UK or worldwide delivery and
    where are your main customer base located?
  • Can you provide a discount as an Incentive
    for your customers to click on your advert?

If you currently have Google analytics set up what are
the top volume driving 10 non-brand keywords that
users find your site under?

What words do you customers use to describe your
If you have a sales or marketing people what
feedback do your customers give through
presentations and testimonials?

Market Knowledge

We have past experience of running pay per click across a
wide range of sectors such as I.T and medical recruitment,
office supplies e-commerce shops and specialist wine
e-commerce stores to name a few.
This allows us to understand the different types of ad copy
that customers respond to and lead ultimately towards more

Ad group relevance

At Climb Digital we’re all about relevance. We won’t put 50
keywords in the same ad groups because it’s easier.
We will put your keywords into tightly themed ad groups of
no more than 20 keywords per ad group. This also allows us
to review, which keywords are, volume drivers and
if necessary split keywords into new ad groups in the future to
ensure the keyword to ad relevance.


It is important in the infancy of a campaign that we look at
other potential keywords to add to your ad groups.
We also believe that it is important to ensure that we
research which keywords people may be searching which are
irrelevant e.g. some one looking to buy a new shredder may
type in “shredder review” however they are purely comparing
options at this stage of the buying process. Negative
matching the word “review” would ensure any “shredder”
related keywords would not trigger showing your adverts
that would result in wasted impressions and a lower click
through rate.

Many pay per click campaigns display the same advert for lots of different
keywords. The more relevant the advert is to your keyword the better, which we can
achieve by including the keyword in the title or copy of the advert. We can also
analyse your existing competitors to see how they are differentiating their services
in the advert copy and highlight your USP’s (from the fact finding stage) to give
users a better reason to click through your advert.

From conducting research we can find out which keywords have estimated demand*
and how much the average cost per click is for these keywords. This will tell us
whether you’re in a competitive market and can also help us to give you a budget
guide based on how many missed impressions you’ve received due to a limited

*Keyword and Cost Per Click Estimates taken from Google Keyword Tool that serves purely as an estimate.
When we see enough volume generated through running your campaign we can estimates of budget increases.

Because the nature of pay per click marketing is very transparent we believe that
tracking which keywords brought you conversions such as a sign up or purchase is
the most transparent way of ensuring we know which keywords are resulting in
conversions and not just clicks through to your website.We’re able to track your paid search conversions by using Google adwords
conversion tracking that involves placing a small snippet of code on your sale
confirmation page. When the user clicks your paid search advert this drops a
Third-party tracking cookie, which is a data file stored temporary on the computer
users hard drive.When the user visits the conversion landing page after making an action such as sale
on the thank you page e.g. this will
register the cookie dropped from earlier and register as a sale.

We can provide detail around how we’ve optimised your account or
alternatively for simpler accounts we can report purely on your
conversions metrics such as sales, leads/sign ups or registrations
depending on your type of business. You will also have access to your
Analytics account which you can log into and check statistics at any

When we take your existing account on we will ask you to provide us
with your Google analytics login or alternatively set you up a Google
account and link your adwords account to Google analytics.
This ensures we can see both traffic from paid and organic/natural
search traffic.

Once we’ve started driving traffic to your site we can provide post click
tracking/conversion optimisation to help you provide the most out of
converting your clicks into sales or leads for an additional cost.

Where two phrases are mentioned next to each other in this document
this is to illustrate there is more than one name for a technical term
and not two separate definitions.

We can do a free Google adwords campaign health check that will involve us taking a look at your Adwords account, and
reviewing where you currently are and suggesting improvements for the future. We will take care in the confidentiality of your
account and ask that you provide us user access to our email address that we will provide you with. Our user access can be
terminated at any time by going to my account > account access and clicking the “action” drop down menu.

Once we have completed a brief summary of your current pay per click campaign we will then put together a quote for a
three-month campaign. This will allow us to analyse a significant volume of traffic and make decisions on how to optimise the
account. The quote will also include an Initial set-up or reconfiguration one off fee based on the complexity of your account
and a base level fixed monthly management fee.

We believe that no two accounts are the same and an account which has a media spend of a few hundred pounds a month may
well need as much or more attention than an account with a media spend of a few hundred pounds a day. We take on our
clients based on what potential we see in a particular account which means we may look to grow the account if we see
potential for a better ROI after our account restructure and ongoing optimisation.

Our clients have different reporting requirements and these are discussed when we agree your three month contract. For
some clients they may want access to their statistics more regularly and they can do this by logging in to their adwords
account. Reporting is charged as an additional cost and this may be time we could spend working on your account. Other
clients require a more detailed level of reporting and may cover areas such as month-by-month statistics comparisons,
additional keywords added and campaign budget allocation changes.

If you would like to find out
more about our people feel free
to get in touch with us.