Pay Per Click Agency v In House Debate Part 1 |
Posted by jordan On November - 22 - 2011 0 Comment

Anyone involved in PPC will know of the on going debate about whether it is better to out source your campaigns or keep them in house, and I’m going to join in the debate.  Obviously I am an advocate of outsourcing (seeing as I work in a PPC agency), however the decision about whether to outsource is not one which should be taken lightly, there are a whole range of factors which need to be considered.

The success of your paid search campaigns has nothing to do with it being managed by the “world’s number 1 agency” or an internal team. All too often large companies favour large agencies because of perceived benefits to working with a larger agency. However, I have seen small agencies, in house teams and even one man operations pull campaigns to pieces that were built by larger agencies but it is equally common for the reverse to occur  (agency outperforms internal team).

The point I’m making above is that, it is the people who manage your campaign that make it successful not automated software or big brand names.  Of course some of the most talented PPC managers work in agencies around the world, but that does not mean that people who work in house or even freelance aren’t as talented. I know some extremely talented PPC professionals who work in-house and get some fantastic results for their companies.

Take an example of everyday life: My car broke down a couple of months ago and I had it taken to a local garage who stuck it on a simple diagnostic machine and within 30 minutes had discovered the problem. I phoned up the dealer and got a price for the part I needed, but the small firm (I think he has three employees) could fit a part of the same quality for less than half the price. I got the same guarantee and more importantly my car works. It wasn’t the tools, or the backing of a big car manufacturer that fixed my car, it was a hard working mechanic who knew what he was doing that fixed it.

This is a personal example but it helps illustrate my point that no amount of awards, fancy tools, or big brand names can make your PPC campaigns successful, it is down to the knowledge and experience of the people actually getting their hands dirty and running the campaigns day to day that determine their success.

Check back soon as I’ll give you some things to consider when deciding whether to outsource your PPC or run them in house. Feel free to leave your comments below and I can cover them in part 2.