After speaking with numerous clients they’ve told us they want to know a few of
the things they need to be aware of with ecommerce seo. Online retailers vary
in shape and size and so the ideas are below are purely that to get you started
and not a hard and fast guide.

The structure of your site for category and
product pages has both a big impact on how search engines
view your site and also how user find and buy your products.

Most of the people reading this are doing so because they
already have an ecommerce site and so I am going to refer to
existing websites. A url check in Google webmaster tools will
uncover any URL’s that don’t exist and present an error 404.

Once you have a full URL list, ensure you 301 redirect any
URL’s that display the same content and redirect old content
for products that you no longer sell to a page that states you no
longer sell it but can suggest an additional related product.

As the product page is both the highest converting page as users arrive
on the page knowing what they want, it is also one of the deepest pages
within the site meaning search engine spiders are only likely to find it if
your on-page optimization is structured correctly.

Title tags are key on product pages with some ecommerce systems having
auto generated title tags, revisiting each one on a large ecommerce site can
be a tedious task, but albeit a necessary one!

Great copy as far up the page as possible. Some people may say you’re
mad having the copy above the image and call to action, however if you’re
after search engine traffic then the problem with a lot of ecommerce sites
is they have a short product description. To tackle other high authority
websites ranking above you for your products, perhaps think about
gaining content in a feedback email for a 5% discount for next time
shopping. 10 customers writing 150 words minimum (as a requirement for
their discount code) results in 1500 words you otherwise wouldn’t have. If
you don’t have time or resource to do this, then consider using a third
party review system such as

Realise that people do actually use your on-site search (and then give up). You’d be surprised the
number of on-site search systems that bring up “page not found” when the user has clearly typed in
the product they’re looking for. If you don’t want them to go back to Google then perhaps investing
in a paid for on-site search system is worth its weight in gold. If getting the boss (or you) to pay for
it is a problem, perhaps consider some of the benefits the data gathered from what people look for
would improve your usability, conversion and ultimately other marketing costs such as keywords
that don’t convert (perhaps because the user is looking for a different page!)
Competitions – As ecommerce websites don’t tend to attract a lot of links to certain pages such as
category pages, perhaps games or competitions could help in attracting people to these pages,
sharing these pages socially and attracting links too! Stuck for ideas of what kind of competitions
you could do, if you’re selling shoes perhaps guessing which of the shoes you have a celebrity wears
might be a good one.

Community run blog, ecommerce websites are a little guilty of just running offer led blogs for dollar and boss breathing down neck
value or BBDNV for short! A community run blog could be a video of the craziest places of customers using your products, and you can
easily transcribe this content for SEO content value an even insert internal anchor text links to the product pages to increase sales, there
you go everyone’s happy! As blogs are typically something people have good intentions of starting and then after a few posts, everyone
gets too busy stick to a schedule. Email 20 of your customers (different ones so they don’t think you’re spamming them) and ask them
to shoot a video using your product. Upload these to a video service such as Youtube or Vimeo and name the images title and
description with your product keywords. Once you have enough of these videos you can create a video XML sitemap which will show
Google what videos are on your site.

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