Drupal is a CMS that is probably the most versatile web design platform, built from a PHP framework it is very robust and can accommodate everything from simple sites to complex custom business solutions. Drupal offers a great amount of management controls as well as a very customisable functionality with regards to forms, calendars and mapping. With over 15000 community built modules we have the ability to offer you pretty much whatever you are looking for.



Drupal can be effectively adapted and scaled to manage your web presence, irrespective of its complexity. Drupal has been widely used to develop some of the world’s leading online portals, including those of Harvard, MIT and the Economist. As a platform Drupal is possibly the fastest developing one therefore new features are being released regularly so that you may be sure that if you choose Drupal that you will enjoy cutting edge web design.

Basically, for a high end polished and professional website which offers a wide range of facilities and features to the visitor, Drupal is a great place to start. If you would like to see Drupal in action then why not view this short YouTube video?

Drupal is considered to be at the cutting edge of open source and it is designed to grow with the expanding needs of your business.


We use Drupal on a regular basis to design websites and have found it a fabulous platform in terms of injecting SEO techniques as required and integrating social media accounts. Our design team and SEO experts work side by side when designing a website so that clients are able to relax, safe in the knowledge that their website will tick all of the boxes and that they may enjoy increased visibility from day one.

Another benefit of using Drupal is that you don’t need to pay hefty licence fees due to it being open source. The huge catalogue of add-ons is also free which make this easy to use website platform more affordable than you would suppose.

To give you a further indication of what Joomla is capable of other Joomla designed websites include:


Here at ClimbDigital we not only work with you to build the website that you need, we are here to help you with choosing appropriate hosting, for all of your SEO and social media needs, your website security and more. Regardless of whether you choose to maintain your website alone or whether you would prefer, as many do to employ us to keep things ticking over you will have access to dedicated support to ensure that you remain happy with your website.

For help with any of the features of Drupal including integrating social media accounts, adding or running blogs, managing third-party email marketing lists such as MailChimp, running an e-commerce site, processing payments or anything else Drupal offers their own support or similarly you can ask us. We are perfectly placed to not only design websites from scratch; we also regularly add or alter sections of a website to ensure that they work properly and look as they should.

While we do design websites from the ground up (many people prefer this option) we are also able to work our magic on pre-made Drupal sites so that if you feel your website needs help and aren’t happy with the current SEO efforts then get in touch and we will discuss your needs.

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