Few website visitors are going to plough through keyword stuffed copy or content that is quite frankly dull in order to get the information they want. Instead they will click off the site and visit one of your competitors. Clearly this is not something we want to see happening.


From an SEO point of view we are thrilled to see Google clamp down on those who try to rise through the ranks using spammy backlinks and keyword stuffed copy. Anyone having ever tried to read the information on a website that looks like this will understand what I mean. If any website owner wants to enjoy the benefits of having a website then then need to have it all. They need a visually pleasing website which is user friendly, quick to load and does what it is supposed to. They need top quality content with an acceptable keyword density which adds value to the site and they need SEO magic to pull it all together and ensure that Google as well as the other search engines will approve.


We have many clients who come to us needing a website redesigned or one built from scratch. They have branding sorted, they have products ready if this is the function of the site and they often already know what they would like the end result to be. What we frequently find is that they haven’t got any content ready or that their content needs rewriting.

We are lucky to have an experience in-house content writer who is available to help you with your content writing if and when this is required. By content this could mean your general information pages such as your About Me section and additionally this could be your product descriptions if your run an ecommerce site.


Our writer is keen to produce you copy that fits your brand identity, that is suitable for your target audience and which includes a tone that you feel suitable. Somewhat formal content for a website such as one which offers legal services makes sense. The same language for an up and coming funky fashion brand does not.

If you feel your website copy needs updating, needs to be more SEO friendly and optimised or if you are just starting out and need someone to produce you text that your visitors will want to read, encouraging them to stay longer and perhaps buy products or contact you regarding a service then get in touch and we will discuss your content needs.

Should you need our help with sourcing top quality content for your website then we would be able to integrate this service in your web design and SEO package.

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