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Richard Baxter

From SEO Gadget. Known in the SEO industry for his keyword research tools among others, and previously worked for flight search engine cheapflights.co.uk its great to chat with someone as passionate about the industry as we are!

Will Critchlow

Co-director of Distilled.net who do SEO for clients in London and New York and Seattle. Known as the SEO’s SEO its always interesting chatting with Will about gamification and the other ideas the guys over at distilled have! They hold a conference that is worth checking out called Search Love in London and Boston depending on where you prefer visiting in the world!

Matt Baily

Matt Is Managing Director of Performance Horizon a performance tracking technology solution. He has some very strong views on attribution! Matt has been contributing to the affiliate community and has been chairman of the IAB affiliate council.

David Wilton

David Is head of online for Legal and General Insurance. As our only client side interview it was good to get his view on where the industry is heading and how they measure and track their sales.

Climb Digital commented in Figaro Digital about how retail start ups and taking old industries and making successful online businesses.

LBC is the home of London radio. The talented Emma Barnett who is the digital editor of the telegraph hosts the business hour. Climb Digital MD Mark Cann and Micky Khana from Optimus Performance Marketing talked about marketing tips in a recession. We took calls on from listeners on everything from having too many customers to new iphone cooking app ideas to take on Jamie Oliver!

Highbury College the highest achieving further education college and as an ex Highbury Student Mark Cann was asked to give a talk on search engine optimisation and how social media signals are changing the face of inbound marketing. Mark is now working with the college to ensure academic studies align with skills needed for the
working world.

Richard Solly the CEO of local law firm Verisona interviewed Mark Cann on starting a business in
a recession.

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