Having a logo and branded colours is not the same as having a brand identity. Brand identity is so important for businesses as it dictates the way that potential customers view your business. An essential part of succeeding in business depends on how well you connect with customers and form relationships. Loyal customers not only repeatedly buy from you or use your service, they also recommend you to others and word of mouth is a key part of effective advertising. We can help you with your brand identity.


The brand identity of your venture is basically the “face” of the business that you show to the public. Your brand identity shows others what your beliefs and ethical stances are, what your values are, shows whether you are a company that is to be trusted or not and is of course paramount in terms of building relationships with the public. When someone feels able to identify with a brand and chooses to align themselves with them then they are likely to become long-term supporters.


Consistency is absolutely vital when presenting the face of the business to the world. Not only is it essential that the company’s beliefs and methods of working are transparent for all to see; it also important that they don’t change! Consistency of message breeds familiarity and trust and this is so important in terms of building a loyal customer base. If your company is focussed on being eco-friendly then this should be reflected in the branding both online and off as this is something that is important to people. It is of paramount importance however that your brand identity is backed up by the company actions.


A “green” coffee company that sells coffee in non-recyclable takeaway cups is not being true to their brand identity and will fast lose their reputation.

Having identified your brand identity (with our help hopefully!), there are many ways in which you can advertise what your values, your ideas and your ethics are and it is important to take advantage of these opportunities. Your visual branding i.e. the colours, fonts and logos which people will use to identify your company and which will become familiar to many should be used across marketing materials, stationery, advertising and basically anything come comes in contact with customers or potential customers. Your website especially should reflect this branding throughout and back up the key values and the brand message that you have chosen.



Business is competitive and of course it is important to try and get ahead. Some companies throw thousands to designers who “create” a brand identity however we look at things differently here. We want to show the public your true face, and to help you market your strengths in a way that will help the public identify with you and want to use your products or services.

If you wish to rebrand in a way that reflects the real you or if you feel you need some help with the marketing side of putting together or using your brand identity in order to further your business then get in touch as we can help.

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