With such a lot of talk about ecommerce and brands generating sales there’s still a large amount of b2b companies who are missing out on business through natural search. The normal scenario seems to be “we need to do social media” or “we need to do digital marketing”. One common reason for this is what’s known as the person with the largest paypacket says we need to do this.

If you’re describing your product as “the best
solution for optimizing the return on digital
search technology” and what you actually
mean is “getting more sales through
Google” then say it! Having the relevant
content pages and not just the standard
5 page website with “about us” and “contact us”

Online marketing has sometimes had too much of a focus on getting users to convert on site there and then otherwise you lose them forever. Think of it more like making a friend, you have to get to know your customer first before asking them for anything so why not give them a little but not a lot. A whitepaper download or how to guide is an excellent way of educating your audience just enough that they want to find out more.

Users leave sites and impressions and clicks
don’t equal revenue. Using Climb Digital
lead tracking you can report whose
visited your site and what pages they’ve
looked at, along with how long they stayed
on each page. If it’s a big company it might be hard to follow up with them, however a medium sized company
would be pretty easy to find out who visited your site and give
them a quick call to see if there’s any feedback about your site
and obviously an excuse to send them over that white paper they
forgot to download earlier!

Don’t leave your lead tracking and enquiry
form from your download form as an excel
spreadsheet, add the details to your CRM.
As long as you have a reason to get in touch
with your customer a monthly email that
provides valuable (and non salesy) is enough
to keep them engaged until they are ready to contact you. If you want an example of an email newsletter software program for
ease of use try out mailchimp.

Your boss has been asking you to get your company on the digital landscape and sorry to tell you folks its not all about digital. Look at other digital channels such as sharing content you publish on your blog on high traffic and relevant B2B networking sites such as linked in.

More importantly make sure that you solicit at least 5-10 requests for relevant guest blog posts that will help you get exposure. Also driving users to different touch points such as encouraging email users to your social media profiles is also important.

Relevancy is key, but don’t generalize until you,ve tested!

I’ve heard a few times’ facebook doesn’t work for business to business. In my industry a lot of my friends who work in online marketing are on facebook, and although it doesn’t do a lot in terms of direct conversions, it certainly will help with brand presence and referrals.


If you want to leave your comments about B2B marketing we’d love to hear from you. Climb Digital provide the SEO element of B2B marketing and this is only an introduction to our take on it.